Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Long And Thanks For All The Frogs

I do believe in climate change, peak oil, and a future that will be drastically different from the way we live now because we can't get enough people on the bandwagon fast enough.  I was actually told by someone last week that climate change was not a scientifically accepted fact.  I had forgotten that there were still some hold outs like that.

I had a friend ask me a while back if I really thought we were all going to go out in a zombie apocalypse.   I would like it to be known that if the zombie's do attack, the CDC is ready.  (And thanks to Erica at Northwest Edible Life for linking to this awesome zombie survival plan.)

Having said that, I think humans are much more likely to fizzle out like frogs.  I think most people have heard the story that if you plop a frog in boiling hot water they will hop out.  But placed in cool water that is slowly heated to boiling, the frog wont notice the gradual change and it stays in the pot until the heat kills it.  

I think that if humans go, it will be like the frog in the pot.  Things will just gradually get worse and we aren't aware enough to notice until its too late.  

However, I don't think that is any excuse to stop trying to make people more aware or to stop trying to lessen my impact.  I'm not perfect in my attempts and I don't think anyone can be either, although blogging makes it look that way sometimes.  Last year, I decided to start thinking more about my plastic usage (even if it was recyclable).  I bought glass straws, glass containers to replace plastic, created a DIY plastic bag dryer, and I told a friend about my attempt.  Now, if she comes over it's like the plastic police are coming in with a warrant.  

So here's my motto:  Do your best today, make tomorrow just a little better.

Some day's my best is deciding to buy fresh pasta instead of processed frozen pizza and other days it's realizing my car is dead as a doornail because I haven't driven it in so long (that's a good thing).  There's no rules to this except to try.

Anyone else have a personal best today?
Do you feel like the plastic police are on your doorstep?

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